Monday, July 18, 2011

18th July - Week ahead and week behind

A look at the past week saw me sending a Sudden Seduction off to the publisher and hope to hear from them soon. Now I have two stories, one a novella and one a book waiting to hear from editors. Have started and will restart The Pharaoh of Horu since my first start at a rough draft was falling short and want to have the hero and heroine together by chapter 3 so the book flows like the first of the trilogy. Always have false starts when I begin a book but I know where this is going. Do like quest books where people have to find things. Received the cover for The Henge Betrayed -- Quests. It's an interesting cover but I have no visual sense. I'm so glad I'm not an artist since I have no idea how things should look. Hope the artist isn't too upset with me but I'll live with the cover and so will the readers. Still don't have a release date but should be soon.

This week coming I'll be immersing myself in Egypt again and in the alternate world there. The hero is Seth, a name that could make trouble for him in his new world. The heroine is Merin who appeared in the first book. This should be fun once I get all the seedlings planted and sprouting.

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