Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration -- Courage and Creativity

Is the writer a rebel. This doesn't mean going out and trying to take over a country or even a small place. What it means is that the artist seeks to explore chaos and make order of what they find. It also means passion creeps into a story. Sometimes the writer doesn't even realize they have written in this fashion, they are just exploring. Take a mystery writer. They may not realize how deep their passion is for justice. Or the romance writer for happy endings. But before they write the story, they must enter chaos and pull what truths they can discover there. Relationships between people always have a bit of chaos at the bottom.

Understanding or the desire to understand is what propels the writer as a rebel. In this understanding there is joy. Writing brings the joy of creating and the joy of finding a piece drawn from chaos.

This bit is short probably because I'm still digging into a bit of chaos called life.

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