Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Writer's Tip - Revision - 5 areas to be explored

Revision for a draft writer is a matter of layering. So once you have the rough draft down, what areas are needed for revision.

Characters - this means taking each character and studying if they have been developed to the fullest.

Dialogue - Do they characters all sound like the same person? Does what they say make sense? There are a number of ways to make what the characters say become meaningful.

Point of view - There are several schools on this. Some readers like the purist approach while others go from character to character. Sometimes this can cause a reader feel like they're watching a tennis match.

Showing versus telling - This is a big issue. Telling takes fewer words than showing but showing increases interest in the story.

Story and structure - This involves plot and also the way the story is told.

In the coming weeks each of these areas is address and questions and points to remember will be shown so each story will reach its potential.

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