Monday, July 11, 2011

11 July - Week Behind and week ahead

Last week was fairly busy. I send out a call for people to be interviewed on the blog and got a phenomenal response and have been able to finish JUly. This week TD Jones will be up. Also I was interviewed here Kind of neat to see what gives. Have done the final writing of the last chapter of A Sudden Seduction. Learned the first three of the Seduction Series went into paper and called Sweet Seductions. Kine of interesting though what I really like is the electronic versions. Guess I'm liking the electronic world of writing. Been spending a lot of time checking out the China journey f my son and daughter-in-law as they learn about their two children.

During the coming week the blog posts will be as usual except on Sunday there will be no blog visits but I'll be announcing the books that will be given away to honor my birthday. In writing, I'll be doing the nit-picks on A Sudden Seduction and that will finish the story. So glad to see it done and the next one is now pounding on the door. The Pharaoh of Horu and now have the hero's name and the name of the heroine for the third book of the trilogy.

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