Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday winners

Though it's my day, some of the followers of the blog are in for a treat. 17 will be winners of a book. I'll be notifying the lucky people throughout the day. Here's the list.

Claire -- The Midas Murders

Elf - Becoming Your Own Critique Partner

Jeannie - The Henge Betrayed Flight

Tara - Becoming Your Own Critique Partner

The Henge Betrayed - Refuge - Cher Green

The Henge Betrayed -- Flight - Kay Springstein

Come Into The Light - Lucky Lady 42

Come Into the Light Pat Rasey

Obsessions Jennefer Labelle

Obsessions - Rebecca

Requiem Murder - Carol

Murder and Mint Yea Last nerve

The Brotherhood of Mages - Shelby Morgan

Healwoman Drak Moon - LB Canton

The Warrior of Bast Sultry Summers

The Mistress of the Moons - Desitheblonde

The Henge Betrayed - Flight - Renee Rearden.


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