Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Direction For Sundays Blog visits

Now for the contest news Carol is the winner of The Brotherhood of Mages. I'll be emailing her soon. The next book up is The Secret of the Jewels/
The Black Jewel has been destroyed and the white Jewel rules the others. The Brotherhood of Mages are in flight and many of the mages are dead. Something troubles the Jewel Holders. The words of an elderly Healer sends them on quests to find the secret of the Jewels they hold. Are the Jewels merely tools or is there a hidden danger in their use? The seven Holders must learn the troth.

On Sundays, instead of doing Six Sentences I'll be doing something a bit different. I'll be visiting three blogs and will give a sort of report letting people know what's neat with them. Of course I'll do my friends first.

Check out these blogs Here the author talks about her stories and gives us a look at six sentences, but what I really loved is a free short story involving a character I fell in love with a few years ago and wish he had a longer story but for now the short story will do. Jennifer's blog is a neat one that bounces between motherhood and being a writer. I've read some stories of her children that have brought me laughter and some bits about the frustration of being a writer and a working mom. This brought memories, This blog has a dozen or so writers of YA fiction spanning the genres. It's a support group that has a lot of interesting stories out there and also there are some good writing tips.

I hope you'll visit these and enjoy.

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Taryn Kincaid said...

Thanks for the shout out. Interesting take on my blog. Glad you liked the Christmas story.