Monday, December 13, 2010

My Writing Week Dec 13 - Winner and new book up

The winner of The Secret of the Jewels is Tonya and I'll be emailing her soon. The next book up is Obsessions, a favorite of mine.

When Sudan Randall finds the body of the hospital's gossip queen in the orthopedic storage room she is unaware she was the unintended victim and the obsession of a stalker. Susan has her own obsession. The death of her over-protective husband has given her a desire to be independent. Sometimes she sees the concern of the new man in her life as controlling. This leads her to keep secret the arrival of gifts following the deaths of her co-workers. As the murders continue she wants answers. On a stormy December night she learns the identity of the killer and has to fight to save herself.

Now to my writing week. Holidays tend to take chunks time away from writing. Both good and bad since I try to write something every day. I haven't kept the mental schedule I set but I am progressing and soon will have the third section of Confrontations under control. Then there will only be two sections to complete. At least the fourth section has a solid base but the final one must be completely re=worked. Such is life when one is a writer. Revision and re-writing are part of the game. Some books seem to take forever while others seem to leap off the pages. When I finish Confrontations I'll move from a fantasy world into the present day. What other career can someone do this kind of traveling?

Now to add a bit of different here. On Tuesday I'll be talking about two books that have inspired me, especially while writing fantasy. On Wednesday more on Characterization. On Thursday an interview with Wendy, a HVRWA member on Friday more from Becoming Your own Critique Partner and on Saturday the first chapter of The Midas Murders and Sunday I'll visit and comment on three blogs.

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