Monday, December 20, 2010

My writing week - Dec 20th - Solstice thoughts

Once again the solstice approaches and as usual I will spend moments during the day considering what I want to happen during the next year. Last year's thoughts were concerned with having more books ready to be read. Part of that thought was because I had a number of releases and re-releases sitting at the publishers and I was writing a book for a new publisher. Did the meditation work. I'd say it did. Three new books released and five re-releases either in electronic form or in print. This year my thoughts will take a different direction but that's for me to consider alone.

I'm also gearing up for our annual critique Christmas party. The group though much changed has been in existence since 1990. There were four of us in the beginning. Of this group, I'm the only one still belonging. A few years later we began meeting here and the group expanded. Over the twenty years there have been many members and a few who have stuck around for the long haul. Some of those who don't come any more have gone on to great success as writers. Some have vanished completely. Some have dropped out for many reasons. I hope some of them are still writing for among those who came to the group, some were very good writers.

Now to my own writing. I'm finally back on schedule on Confrontations. Should have the third section done by the end of this year and then two more to go. I've lived with these characters for a number of years and though I could have extended the series for more books I decided to allow these children of the mind to rest after this story ends. After all I think I have a dozen more books in the planning stages.

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Chelle Cordero said...

geez, this year really has gone by so quickly. You've been a great inspiration to me as a writer and a great friend. Happy Holidays.