Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inspirations - two books, Obsessions winner and the next book

The winner of Obsessions is Wendy. I'll be emailing her soon. The next book up for one of my followers is Prescription For Love, a book I wrote for my youngest daughter who is biracial and adopted.
The position of Patient Care Coordinator is single mother Ginny Barr's dream come true, allowing her to raise her daughter and young niece in the suburbs instead of the inner city. When the Chief of Orthopedics and her greatest supporter has a heart attack, his adopted son Blake Marshall joins the practice. Blake wants Ginny in his bed and pursues her. Though attracted to him Ginny recalls his arrogance during a meeting several years earlier when he dismissed her judgment about a patient. Blake is faced with convincing Ginny of his love.

Now for the books that inspire me. Since I write mysteries among other things I've found great inspiration when browsing through two books. One is Cause of Death by Keith D. Wilson. Billed as a writer's guide to death, murder and forensic medicine. I've used bits and pieces from this book as I'm plotting to get rid of some character. I've also found some of the sections to be of help when I write medical dramas since there is a section on Emergency rooms and also on accidental deaths.

The second book this week is called Deadly Doses bu Stevens with Klarner. This is billed as a writer's guide to poisons. There's also a section on creating your own poisons, a vast help to a writer if they're dealing with a world not ours and want to poison someone. One section helped me by explaining what happened when a person ingests pufferfish. Interesting sections grade poisons as to how they're given how long it takes for them to act and the symptoms. Everything a mystery writer can use when creating mysteries.

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