Thursday, January 5, 2023

Thursday Writing Heart Throb #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Medical #Sensuous #Nurse #Doctor

 I remember the day I began Heart Throb. This all started with someone saying you can't write a book when the characters get together for fun and games before love happens. Dares in writing stories always tempt me to make a try. So I did. Magda came into my head. She's been there, done thaat and doesn't want to do it again. Damon has no belief in happy ever afters. He grew up with parents who practiced serial marriages. He's lost count of his step-mothers and step-fathers. He really likes women. The meeting between them and their attraction was instantaneous and fun to write. Their days of fun and games excited them and were fun to write.  Then he falls in love and she has to run and avoid. She won't be hurt again. The book was fun to write and one that turned their lives upside doown.

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