Saturday, January 28, 2023

Books by Mary McFarland are featured today on Saturday's Blurbs


“It’s a hunt forward op,” the president said, “and your target is America’s first home-grown terrorist cell.”

His request propels brilliant cyber sleuth Zuri Slade into the clandestine world of espionage, where failure can endanger thousands of American lives and blow Zuri’s chance for a career with the CIA.

Tracking the terrorists leads Zuri from Washington, D.C. to a Midwest backwater, where residents suffer a peculiar illness, the “Van Gogh Syndrome.”  Death looms over the stricken community, but there’s an even larger threat, one Zuri could never have anticipated.

Psychotic nuclear scientist, Dr. Burch Crabtree, is plotting with legendary North Korean spy, Cobra, to blow the nuclear plant, using a chip stolen from the CIA after the Korean War.  Only Jesse Stephenson, a former CIA spy, knows where the chip is, but Jesse’s dying of cancer.

Is this fight too personal, or will Zuri confront America’s enemies—and personal demons, her hate for those who murdered her parents—in time?

Mary McFarland’s “Van Gogh Syndrome” pulls readers into the new frontier of war, a war that has ignited in cyberspace but one that will be finished in America’s back yard by terrorists whose identities no one can predict.  A thriller for lovers of the chase, “Van Gogh Syndrome” is the series kickoff and an explosive look at conflicts faced by America’s warriors on the cyber war frontier.  An action-packed read recommended for Baldacci and Clancy fans.

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