Thursday, February 24, 2022

Meet the Characters from The Gemini Sagittarus Connection

 The Gemini Sagittarius Connection is the third of the Opposites in Love series.

Liz Jorday is a young widow with twin sons. She is taking a new position as nurse manager at the hospital where she trained. Her husband, a volunteer fireman died rescuing a child. She has no desire to marry again.

Justin and Brandon are her twin sons who are full of mischief and daring. Justin is the leader of the two  and Brandon the quiet one.

Delores - a neighbor and a nurse on the unit where Liz will be in charge. She believes she should have the job Liz has been given. She is divorced and has one son.

Chet is Delores' son. He is older and somewhat a bully.

Jeff Carter is an ortho/neuro surgeon at the hospital. He is Megan, one of Liz's friends' father. He is a widower who had a wonderful marriage and is the hospital's most eligible doctor.

Jenessa, Megan and Laurel are also Liz's friends who appear in the series.

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