Monday, February 7, 2022

Meandering on Monday with Reading, writing and thoughts #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts

 Meander 1 Reading - Still reading Jo Beverley's Regncy series. There are eighteen books and I have two more to go. They are fun reads though not funny. There are amusing scenes to relieve the more tense ones.

Meander 2 Thoughts.- The winter weather becomes strange. There ahs been snow and ice. This morning when I looked out my bedroom window to the porch roof. In the sunlight, the roof looked as though diamonds shone there. Yester day was warm. in the high 40s but today we might reach twentypfive. Yesterday's rain dissolved the snow.  My second thoughts concern the critique group. I'll try for a meeting on Tuesday. We haven't met since the party in early December and that was poorly attended. The group seems to be ending. We began in 1990. I'm the only one of the original group still attending. I wonder if the ending has come.

Meander 3 - Writing - I'm into the first revision of the Committee and so far it seems to be going well though I do need to remember the romance and work it in. The hero is easier to do this with but the heroine seems to be resistant but shehas a good reason. This is a second chance story and she isn't sure she wants to risk again.

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