Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Lacy Hart #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Baseball

After Midnight

After Midnight - A Chance to Love Again

I wear a lot of labels these days:
Single dad, Ex-special forces, widower.
I've survived war, loss and a mountain of hardship.
But I can't seem to pinpoint what keeps me up at night.
Then I walked into the Moonlight Diner and met her.

Sarah and I instantly connected.
She mended old wounds and awoke long-buried feelings.
But scars from her past still haunt her.
Just when I'm finally falling in love again, she's ripped away.

Can I conquer my demons to help Sarah face hers?
Can I earn a second chance at love?

Change-Up - Wes
Life on the road as a pro-ballplayer isn't without it's drawbacks.
And now, without a team to play for, I find myself heading home.
Maybe it's a good thing. I can focus on my daughter, Izzy, and my life.
I need to get things straightened out, including that hole that I never filled after Izzy's mom left.
But, is there anything that could keep me in town if another team came calling?

I came to Chandler to build a new life. But just a few months in, things abruptly changed.
Wes Martin: professional baseball player, apparent local hero and total hottie is back in town.
Our chance meeting in my library is quickly leading to something more.
I'm falling hard for this man.
But am I just another notch on his belt? Will I come between he and his daughter?
There are too many questions, so many complications.
Yet... I can't get Was Martin out of my head.

Balk - Wes Martin gave up a career in the major leagues to be with Kristin, the small-town librarian, and the two have been living a happy life in Chandler ever since. That is until spring rolls around, and the familiar itch of spring training makes Wes wonder if he gave up on baseball too soon.

Should Wes stay in Chandler?
Could he make it in the big leagues again?
Would their newly forged relationship survive?

The complications quickly build for both Wes and Kristin - careers, family, friends, relationships, secrets - Is their desire for each other strong enough to overcome it all?

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