Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Dee S. Knight is visiting today and Telling us Who She was Before #MFRWAuthor

1.       What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence you?
      Before writing my first book I was a technical writer. Well, that isn’t wholly accurate. I was a Christmas gift wrapper (professionally but not as a profession, thankfully, No patience!), a clerk, an acquisitions librarian, a trucker, a computer applications consultant, a teacher, and then a technical writer. That makes it sound as though I had a hard time holding down a job, doesn’t it? But those jobs were over the course of about 26 years. I guess you could say everything I did helped prepare me for writing—the variety of places we traveled and then lived, and the wide breadth of experiences my husband and I shared. So many of them found a way into one book or another.

2.         2  Are you genre specific or general? Ithink I’m pretty general, although everything as Dee S. Knight has been erotic romance and mostly contemporary. I wrote first one regular contemporary erotic romance and then an adult fairy tale. The third was paranormal, and the fourth was normal contemporary again. I’ve also written a couple of space opera ménage books. Under another name, I’ve written wolf shape shifters and two historical ménage series. Again, under another name, I even wrote a ménage about a nun. Please don’t run screaming from the room! It isn’t at all trashy, and (as it turns out) the girl was never intended to be a nun. The book is set at the end of the Korean War and is a play about family and (especially) mothers. Anyway, I’ve explored a lot of sub-genre!

3.       Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of genre or sub-genre? Not really. I didn’t read all that many romances before I started writing, and to tell the truth, I didn’t know such a thing as erotic romance existed. I wrote a book and submitted it to my first publisher who said they needed more S-E-X in their books and in my ignorance (or maybe naivete?) thought, “How hard can that be?” So I wrote a book with lots of sex and sent it back. From then on, I just added sex to the stories I created. And I did eventually read other writers my publisher signed on and discovered that I like reading sexy stories as much as writing them! 😉

4.       What’s your latest release?My latest release is Book 1 of The Good Man series, Only a Good Man Will Do. A seriously ambitious man seeks woman to encourage his goals, support his (hopeful) position as Headmaster of Westover Academy, and be purer than Caesar's wife. Good luck with that!
It came out last October from Black Velvet Seductions.

5.       What are you working on now? I just finished a short story for Black Velvet’s supernatural anthology coming out in the fall. Now I’m continuing with Book 2 of The Good Man series, One Woman Only. I’ve been woefully neglectful of this book this past year due to real life, but I’m on track to finish soon. I hope everyone likes it!

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Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

Janet, thanks so much for having me here on The Eclectic Writer!

Suzanne said...

I loved Only A Good Man Will Do. The book had sizzle and heart. A ménage with a nun? Naughty naughty Dee! It sounds fascinating. I’m looking forward to reading your story in the upcoming BVS Supernatural Anthology.

Alice said...

Great interview Dee! How hard can it be... fnarr fnaar fnaar

Callie Carmen said...

Great interview. What an interesting way to end up being a writer of erotica or erotic romance.

Jan Selbourne said...

Great interview. Looking forward to book 2 of the Good Man series.

Gibby Campbell said...

Oh my! I knew this author was going to be interesting. A trucker at one point? And a menage with a nun? I'm crying over here! I have the first book and can't wait to read it. Keep them coming.

Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

Thanks everyone!