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Affinities Escape

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Two sets of halfling twins, Ashlea, Brandien, Jaydren and Kylandra sent away from their home by their parents to protect them from trouble, search for mentors to teach them how to use their affinities. 

Each of these young teens has an affinity for one of the elements. Ash for Air, Bran for Water, Jay for Earth and Ky for Fire. During the escape, they face many problems forcing them to use their affinities by trial and error. They also meet Alizand, the son of the ruling prince of Wesren. Zand has an affinity for Fire and this will keep him from gaining the rule. 

Dom Senet, an advisor to his father, and once a friend of the quartet’s parents suspects Zand’s affinity. He wishes to corrupt the teen and use him to gain control of the four princedoms of the land and of the highlands. The evil dom has all four affinities. The four must reach a secret place and find teachers before the evil man discovers them


     Doma Calanda rose. “Ashlea, to you is the mastery of Air. The flute and this stone are yours.” Over Ash’s head, the Doma slipped a silver chain with a crystal so clear it seemed nearly invisible. “To you the things of the mind, the reading of thoughts carried in the air, the knowing of aromas, the calling of the wind, music to stir the air into patterns to influence others and to open hidden doors.”
     Dom Jonden stood behind Bran. “Brandien, to you is the mastery of Water. The scrying cup and this crystal are yours.” He fastened a blue-white chain holding a clear blue stone around Bran’s neck. “To you are matters of the heart, the reading of emotions and the balancing of fluids within and without. In the scrying cup, you will see images of what occurs in the land. Potions brewed in the cup will gain strength. To you, the ability to balance unstable minds and bodies, to take and feel the emotions of others. You will be able to find sweet water, no matter how deep.”
     The Doma moved to Jay. “Jaydren, to you is the mastery of Earth. The staff of living wood and this crystal are yours.” A green stone dangled on a gold chain. “From beneath the earth and above, you will know when things are right. To you, the feeding of men’s bodies. With the staff, you can enhance the growth of all plants. You can unearth the riches of the earth. Stone, metal, crystals are yours to use for the wellbeing of others.”
     The Dom placed a crystal on a red-gold chain around Ky’s neck. “Kylandra, to you is the mastery of fire. The flame sword is yours to bear. Fire is light and light brings courage. You are action and will know how to fire the spirits of others. You will mesh with all manner of beasts. Fire brings both life and death. This sword can be used for war or for peace. To have one, you must face the other.”
     “Now, children, the time grows short,” Doma Calanda said.
      Ash watched her parents’ faces change from Dom and Doma to the visages of the ones who had loved and raised her and her siblings. Grief showed in their eyes and subtly altered their scents.
A cup appeared in her mother’s hands. “Come, share this cup. Then you must go.”
     “Mama, Papa, come with us,” Ky cried.
     Dom Jonden held Ky in his arms. “The henge will fall. Your mother and I must remain to see the ending causes as little harm as possible to the land and the people.”
      Ash drank from the cup. Warmth infused her. She kissed her mother’s cheek and was enfolded for a moment.
      “Be brave. Be wary. Trust not the ones whose thoughts are completely shielded. Trust the crystals for should you meet those who mean you harm, the stones will grow warm against your skin.”
     She left her mother and went to her father. He kissed her forehead. “Go. Know you are loved now and forever. Make haste on your journey through the passage for we don’t know how long we can hold.”
      Ash donned her cloak, took a bundle of torches, a packet of journey food and a flask of water from one of the shelves. She lifted her flute and played the notes her mother had taught her. The wall of stone at the rear of the chamber parted. The torch she’d freed from the bundle flared. Though she wanted to remain, at the head of her siblings, Ash stepped into the darkness.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

I love the cadence of the Doma's words - almost poetry.

Sounds like a fascinating series, Janet.

Viviana MacKade said...

This is... enchanting. Great excerpt!

Daryl Devoré said...

stepped into darkness - such a visual and a tease - what's going to happen next?

Anonymous said...

After all the structured formality of the ritual, it becomes even more powerful for her to step into formless darkness.

Kate Hill said...

That was a difficult parting. I'm sure they'll have a lot to face.