Monday, October 9, 2017

Meandering On Monday With Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poem #Writing #LIfe

Meander 1 - Poem - Thoughts on a Dying Friend

She walks with death and knows
Bur turns her face to life and passes
To those around her person, a glow,
A charm, a reaching for tomorrow.

The trees in autumn know they are dying, too.
They reach with colored brightness, glowing hue
In beauty across the hills against the sky
They shout of life today and not tomorrow.

She walks with death, and yet
She holds life and peacefulness.
She exhales life and peacefulness.
She extends her hands and boosts her friends
Over obstacles that line the way.

The blaze of autumn trees tell
Of dying with color and with flair.
Their colors extend a welcoming of ends
And point to beginnings bright with flame.

She walks with death and so
She teaches me how to live each day.
She burns in my life, a dying flame
That glows as beauty -- autumn tree.

Meander 2 -Life Gets in the Way. There are weeks when one seems to be on the road running errands, seeing doctors, taking care of bills and shopping. Last week was such a week for me. There was little time or energy to do what I love to do best - write. Maybe it was a good idea to complete everything in a single week. Hopefully next week will be better and I will finish what I've set out to do. The one good thing I did accomplish was do a talk at Somers library and to sell 4 books at the end.

Meander 3 - Writing - As seen above, there was little of what I wanted to do accomplished. At this time Sweet Tea is beginning to become boring and I want to finish  the book so i can move on to the next one. Hopefully by the end of the month I will reach my goal. 23 days to go.