Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Writing the Sequence #MFRWauthor #Writing #sequence

 You've finished the scene and your focus character has gone down to defeat in his or her quest to reach the goal. He or she is down but not out. You need to more the story forward but you can't just jump into another scene. What do you do? Here's where the sequence comes in.

Time must pass. A character doesn't make a new plan in a second unless they're that kind of person, rash and heedless. The time could be a few hours, a day, a week, a year. Setting up the time is important. You can say something like two days later... Then place your character where he or she might be. 

A new plan must be made but first the character must react to what has happened. What's the emotion they're feeling, sadness, anger, regret. Walk them through the emotion and then set them to find a solution.

Once the solution or the new plan on the road to obtaining the goal is made, the time has come for a new scene.

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