Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday - Looking at Heroes - Doctors #MFRWauthor #doctors #heroes

I've decided to do something different for Tuesdays so I'll be looking at heroes. Today, since I have so many of them I'm looking at Doctors as heroes.

Doctors come in many varieties and medical shows on TV come and go. They may also come and go in books that are produced.  As for me, there are doctors as heros in a number of my stories. If you're writing about a hospital background in your story, a doctor is a good hero to have.

What are some of their pluses and minuses. On the plus side, doctors are patient and caring. They can make snap decisions - this can be a plus or a minus. Doctors can also be arrogant and bossy. Those can be negatives.

I've just finished writing a book where the doctor starts out as arrogant and then he must learn how to lose a bit of this nature. The book ends with him not being afraid of making a fool of himself causing him to earn what he wants most and that's the heroine's love. Actually, this happens in many of my stories where a doctor is the hero. After all, alpha men tend to act this way. But when writing about doctors the writer has to look at what is really behind his arrogant nature and focus on showing the other side of him.

What about you? Have you used a doctor as the main character in a book? Is he just Alpha male personified or is he a true character with hidden secrets you as the writer must uncover and let the reader see?

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