Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday's Guest - Ginger Simpson - Writing style #MFRWauthor #writing #research

We all know there are six elements of fiction. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. I believe the first five lead to the sixth which for me is plot. What's your take on this?
 My stories jump into my mind, inspired by a character already named and they share with me.  The majority have historical western ties.  I have zero control other than researching facts and lingo.
1.      How do you create your characters? Do you have a specific method?

They just appear with a story to tell.
2. Do your characters come before the plot?
 Yes....hand and hand.
3. Do you know how the story will end before you begin? In a general way or a specific one?

No.  Writing is like telling myself a story.  I never know where I'm going till I get there.
4. Do you choose settings you know or do you have books of settings and plans of houses sitting around?

5. Where do you do your research? On line or from books?
 Both.  I usually check my facts on the web several times because I've found conflicting info.  I have several research books on the Lakota Sioux.
6. Are you a draft writer or do you revise as you go along and why? Do you sketch out your plot or do you let the characters develop the route to the end? 

I use my characters ideas and put the story into my words.  They lead the way and I follow.

 7. Where can we find you on the net?

  I am RVing a lot these days so I've let my own website and blogs go.  You can find me on Amazon at simpson.  I also have a featuring page on my
publisher's page at Books We Love (BWL).

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