Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday - Looking at Heroes - The Alpha Male #MFRWauthor #Heroes #Am writing

 Some people may completely disagree with me but I don't find thoughts of an alpha male as the hero to be wonderful. Looking at the animal kingdom where alpha males abound makes me wonder how heroic they are.

In the wild, the alpha male takes what he wants when he wants it. He has no weaknesses for if he does another male will take over quickly. The alpha male is spoiled, has no flaws, rules with a heavy hand - teeth and claws preferred. He totally dominates the female and often she is the one doing the kills and providing this male with food. He might decide to help here but he makes sure he receives the best parts of the kill and the others aren't invited to eat until he's done.

While a strong male makes a good heroes but he really needs some faults and some weaknesses. He's sort of alpha but not completely. He will allow the female to have views of her own and he wants to be the provider rather than the man who sits back and allows the female to cater to his every wish.

So how about you? Do you think the total alpha male is a great hero or can he lose some of that alphaness?

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