Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Arrangements #MFRWauthor #Writing

 How do you arrange your story? This is something to consider and to do this you must take the characters under consideration. What makes an incident important to the character and to the reader?

Your story has to have an order so it will make sense but how do you determine the order of the story. Do you write chronologically? This can be effective except you might include scenes that have no real impact on the story. You must pick and choose the incidents that are important. A lot of backstory can bore the reader. Leaving out some important incident can also do the same.

Do you arrange your material looking at the causes and what effect they have on the characters? This can make the characters seem real. But who do you choose to be the person experience the cause and the effect. Choosing one character over the others can show the story one way. Choosing another character in the spotlight and you can have a different story.

Still, you must have some kind of order in which you tell the story. You must use the order to show the characters in action and reaction.

As you put your story in order, you must use description. Also you must look at vividness and brevity. Which one for this scene or that scene? That is your choice.

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