Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday - The Writer's Life -Query Letters #MFRWauthor #Query letters

Now you've decided where to publish your book or to seek an agent, you will need a query letter. These are dreaded things.  Why? Making your story sound like the most interesting story every can be difficult. But you must. A query letter should contain a bit about yourself and your ability to write the kind of story you have. If you have a bit of expertise in the field or have done extensive research, mention this. If you have published before mention this. Short stories, articles show who you are and what you've accomplished. Do you enjoy reading the kind of stories you've written mention this as well.

Along with the query letter, you may be asked for several things suck as three chapters. Don't select random ones but use the first three chapters. You may also be asked for an outline of the story. I'll discuss this in a later blog. Sometimes a short blurb can be worked into the letter and will grab an editor's attention. I've had this work very well. I'll talk about Blurbs later, too.

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