Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Kate McKeever #MFRWauthor Paranormal


You are invited to the annual Masquerade Ball at Castle Amhrán Oiche to celebrate the anniversary of Devlin & Elsbeth Kilmartin. Choose your mask & enjoy an enchanted evening among faeries, time- travelers, the cursed one, vampires, psychics, and other magical creatures. Participate in games, behold new steam-driven inventions, and partake of the Spring Nectar for a magical night. Oh, and those may not be masks. In Lexie’s Journey, Lexie is frustrated at the thought of renovating the history out of an old manor house in Ireland. When she wishes to see the house in all its glory, she’s whisked to 19th century Ireland by a malicious leprechaun. There, she meets Derrick, a tinkerer who wants more than anything to further his career as an inventor of steampunk machines. Together, they battle their attraction and Finn, the leprechaun, who is determined to ruin the Masquerade ball and Derrick’s career. Not to mention prevent Lexie’s return to the present.

A Family For Bess

Bess Howard is content with her career and her large extended family. When Caleb Ford returns to the small town of Thorn Grove, Va. to help out his old mentor Bess is determined to see him as a friend of her younger brothers. Caleb is equally bound to make her see him as something more. As they grow closer both Bess and Caleb will have to decide. Do they take a chance on love or play it safe?

Christmas Wishes: Seven Stories of Second Chances
Light up your Christmas tree and curl up on the couch with seven stories of second chances. Award-winning authors bring you sweet stories of couples who have loved and lost, and begin again. From Victorian England to present day small towns and big cities, you’ll enjoy finding love with heroes and heroines who deserve that second chance. A Soldier’s Second Chance is the story of first love and the second chance that love and the holiday season can bring to a wounded soldier and the girl he left behind.

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