Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - L is for Logically #MFRWauthor #Logic #Amwriting

Sure, L could stand for many things but Logic and logically are very important to the writer and to the reader. I've read books that make me want to toss the story against the wall but since I mostly read on my Kindle this is not a good idea. Why does this happen.

One can ignore the spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. At least I can unless the misspelled word makes me laugh but that's another and different subject. What drives me up the wall (I know that's a cl8iche bit it says just how I feel) are those times when one or more characters doesn't act logically. This means they're acting out of the established boundaries of their characters. The character who has seemed intelligent says or does something that is not intelligent is acting illogically. The logicality of the character is destroyed and suddenly the reader is faced with a dilemma. Is there a reason for the illogic action? Often there isn't.

So when you're revising go through your story and make sure all the actions and reactions of the characters will be seen as logically to the reader. If you don't you could be responsible for dents in the walls, scattered pages of a book and a lost reader.

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