Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Reviews Good or Bad #MFRWauthor #reviews #inspiration

Always thrills me when someone leaves a review of one of my books. Problem is this doesn't happen all that often. I meet people who have read my books and they're always telling me how much they enjoyed this story or that one. But they never do this publicly. I was the same way but lately I've been reviewing many of the books I've read and though I don't write much I do mention my enjoyment. I'm not a person who can write paragraphs of a review. I'm always afraid of giving away something important to the plot and ruining the story for some purchaser who has just bought the book or is considering so.

But when I find a good review or even a bad one, I feel inspired not for the story reviewed but for the next one. Sometimes the less than stellar reviews point to a weakness in my story telling and that inspires me to try to get rid of this weakness in the next one. Sometimes the good reviews make me smile and think about how I can top this in the next story. Sometimes the reviews make me scratch my head. Did they read the same story I wrote. Then I am inspired to think.

So like all writers I enjoy having reviews. Maybe I'm unusual in that I even consider the bad ones as an accolade. At least the person reading that story and hating it, hopefully read the story.

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