Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Frank Talaber #MFRWauthor #Paranormal #Mysteryromance

Shuttered Seduction (from Books We Love Ltd)

Some pray to find a love that tears your heart from the boughs of your sinews. THE ONE enters Julia-Rae's life and sets her world into turmoil. Only what if that person has designs on your business and claiming your career? Does love tear asunder all that each holds dear? 
Well, she did twap him in the rear with her bandanna. but it was still love at first sting, er sight.
Or will the evil of money prevail on the winds of seduction?

Shaman's Lure (from MuseItup Publishing)

When all hell's broken apart with one of its angels. The dead claim life from the living. Your one clue to solving the year's most gruesome murder has vanished. A family is missing, presumed dead and the spirits wait to take over from alcohol's haze. There's always tomorrow. But ask Carol, because that's when the shit hits the fan and there's no turning back to yesterday.

Raven's Lament (from Books We Love LTD)

 Environmental destruction unleashed. Spirits cut free to walk this world. Gods awaken and a reporter's dream becomes his worst nightmare as he finds the love of his life. Only to have it torn away. So, to the rescue comes a mad man, who makes our hero question everything he's ever learned in this lifetime. Everything except the woman that's stirred his heart like no other. He's got believe in himself and fight to claim her back.

 Here's one for my book to be out this spring.

Thunderbird's Wake (from Books We Love LTD)

 A penitentiary is a dangerous place and into the world of the criminal enters a saint. Well, bearing rattles and guardian beasts, the native born find him a saint. To the rest he's more nuts than a squirrels winter stash. There's a god asleep, awakening. Humans that seek justice and a sprite that needs justice from humanity.

So what makes you want to break into one?

You can ask Charlie, but he ain't telling. And if he did you wouldn't believe it in a dozen lifetimes.

 Come enter, the madness this spring

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