Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday's Scene from Seducing the Blakefield Sisters #MFRWauthor #Romance #contemporary

I thought I'd find a scene showing the two sisters interacting.

She logged off the computer and reached for her bag. Someone knocked on the door. “Come in.”
Her sister appeared in the doorway. “You’ve been holed up in here all week like a bear hibernating in a cave for the winter. It’s summer.”
Allie laughed. “And I’ve been as grumpy as one roused too early.”
Meg nodded. “You said it. What’s up?”
“Just a small problem.”
“A man?”
“Yes but that’s over. I want to tell you about this boutique I discovered. Lingerie that’s unique and sexy.”
“What about a sister bash tonight. I’ve no plans.”
Allie arched a brow. “What about Jason?”
“Done, over, kaput.”
“I get the idea. Shame. He was a good-looking stud.”
Meg made a face. “He never thought beyond himself. Can I come over? If you have hot underwear I want to see to believe. Don’t want to listen to one of your vague pictures, ‘Meg, it’s red and white. You never describe food that way.”
“Come ahead.” Allie slung her bag over her shoulder. “I’m not booked either. I’ll show you what I bought at Peekaboo Boutique.”
Meg laughed. “Love the name.”
Fifteen minutes later they arrived at Allie’s apartment. Meg tossed her purse on the dark blue plush couch. “Let’s see your treasures.”
“Hold on. I’ll display them.” Allie dashed to the bedroom and quickly made the bed. Meg being the neat one would want to do that before she looked. Allie displayed the underwear on the bed. “You can come in now.”
Meg halted in the doorway. “Oh, wow. Hand printed butterflies. Roses. That body suit and those stockings are fab. Can I borrow them?”
“You’ll have to find your own.”
“So where is this place? I’ll leave now if they’re open.”
Allie grinned. “The store is three blocks from Steve’s apartment. He has a guest room. You could spend the night there.”
Meg stared at her hands. “I doubt he wants me around. Not after he caught me snooping in his affairs.”
“You can promise not to pry.”
Meg sighed. “I have no idea how to reach him and he won’t be back for three or four weeks. What else is there to do in that town?”
“A fabulous bakery with to die for coffee and at least one great restaurant. So many shops I didn’t visit.”
“Because of him.” Meg stepped forward. “Tell me.”
“A real hunk. Tall, dark, handsome. Greg Ramsey of the family feuding with the Blakefields.”
“What feud?”
Allie related what she’d learned from their aunt and the things Greg’s mother had said. “He and I argued. He insulted me so I left. What with his mother and Dad opposed to the spread, what else could I do?”
“How Romeo and Juliet.”
Allie sighed. “The moment I saw him I should have run but I couldn’t resist staring at his toned body. Then he turned. I saw his face and was lost.”
“Was he good?”
Allie groaned. “More than good. He was everything I could desire in one fab package. Not only the sex but we fit in other ways.”
“Bummer. Don’t know what I can do to help.” Meg stroked the body suit. “Eat out or in?”

“In. Take out menus are in the kitchen pinned to the bulletin board. Your choice.”

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