Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - K is for Kisses

 When you see K is for Kisses, automatically, one thinks of romance. But there are other kinds of kisses. I'll talk about them later.

Kisses in romance come in many guises. There is the sweet kiss and there is the sensual kiss. Each one needs to be examined to the fullest. There can also be angry kisses, ones occurring in the midst of a fight. All these kisses bring reactions from the giver and the receiver. The writer must look at the emotions behind the particular kiss.

Let's look at some other kind of kisses. There are the ones where a parent kisses a child. This can be different depending on the age of the child and the sex of the parent. Women tend to kiss their children more often than men. But these kisses can have meanings.

Other kisses and one I always think of is the one where an enemy kisses someone marking them for death. How about those air kisses. Maybe we've all had them. There seems to be something false about air kisses.

So when you're writing a story a kiss can have different meanings and can be used in different ways. What do you think about kisses?

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