Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Reading a Great Book #MFRWauthor #Reading

Not sure if reading good books inspires other writers but they sure do inspire me. Not that I think I can write a book as good as the ones I've recently been reading. They mostly fit in the fantasy world, though some could be crossovers. Andre Norton's Witch World stories always inspire me. Though I write some fantasy, mine is quite different from hers but finishing one of her books makes me want to make what I'm working on better. Right now that's contemporary romance. Marion Zimmer Bradley is another author I've been reading  Her Darkover books can be a cross between fantasy and science fiction. Now I do not write anything like them but reading these books has inspired me.

How do they inspire me. One is in world building since all books of fiction must have worldbuilding. They inspire me to pay attention to the world I'm writing about. They also inspire me to hone my plots. For me the plot is vital to a good story.

What books have you read that inspire you? Let me know and I might want to give them a try. They can be in any genre. Good writing should always inspire.

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