Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Publication - triggered by Anne Lamott #MFRWauthor

Reading the essay by Anne Lamott about Publication brought back memories of those days long ago when I first began writing. Story sent to an editor of a publication. In those days there was no email for instant sending and a quick turn around. You mailed via snail mail and then you waited and waited and waited for a response. You checked the mail every day and your career seemed to be on a standstill. Took me the time spent sending the first mss out a number of times before I realized I could not afford to sit and wait for the mail.

The same holds true for today. After the mss or query lettter is sent out, sitting and waiting for a response does nothing ot further a career. What one must do is sit down and start something new. Remember if they love story one they'll want to see story two in a short time. This also helps if the answer is a rejection.

Part of this inspiration is what happens after the story is accepted. Does it go up right away. Probably not. There are editors and other people to please before the mss hits the world. So don't sit and wait for that exhillerating day. Sit down and work on the next story. This also makes the waiting time less.

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