Monday, May 23, 2016

Meandering On Monday With Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry #Dance

Meander 1 - Poem - Good Froday

Good Friday

Do you know?
All backs are turned
In denial of this knowledge.
The soul is left to face
A certain death of self.
The trial is held - a thief released
And innocence is guilty.
Shrill cries press on heavy air,
Crucify, yes, crucify.
Ours is the guilt.
No innocence cam make us feel our pain.
A crown of thirns pierces self
And scourging demons flailed.
Along the cobbled streets,
Curiosity's wandering stares
Behold the sight - the purging soul
Carries the ross of self
And nails are pounded steadily
Into encasing flesh.
Then mutely on the cross
Hangs rejected innocence.
There is no wish to ease the thirst,
Or mask the suffering soul.
The light is blotted.
Cines dark day,
Forsak Dance recital, Writingen, why, why me?
Surrender comes
Crucified soul
Now purified.

Meander 2 - Dance recitals. This is the time of year for dance recitals and I attended one to day. Three grandchildren performing in the same show. A marvel since usually they are in perhaps two or three shows. They performed brilliantly and I was very proud of them. I also was impressed by the places where some of the school's students will be spending their summers in dance. Kirov and Bolshi among others. I wondered if in the future one or more of these students will shine of the stage.

Writing - Had a little bit of a holdup here but I'm finally getting back. A new book released for pre-order and a lot of books either free or on sale. That's a plus but means a lot of promotion. Hard when often one has to look at a long list and check the calender. There were four in one day. Promotion unfortunately is part of writing so one persists.

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