Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday - Who She Was Before - featuring Claire Dargin #MFRWauthor

1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I was a teacher and a frustrated writer.  I believe it did because it taught me more about human behavior and natural reactions to every day problems and situations. 

2 Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

Right now I am primarily write romance though I have dabbled with horror and science fiction in the past.  Within the realm of romance fiction- I write everything from sweet to erotic romance and within that contemporary, paranormal, menage and scifi.  So I guess you can say I write whatever comes to my heart!

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?
Yes it did!  I have to admit, that I was and to some extent still am a science fiction fan.  I mean I devoured the stuff.  I use to read some fantasy but mostly it was scifi and then military fiction.  But being a total romantic at heart I always loved a romantic spin on a story whenever I came upon it.  However it wasn't until it about ten years ago, I rediscovered romance and fell in love with all of its subgenres especially the scifi romance- leading me to write my own and I branched out from there. 

4. What's your latest release?

My latest release is Wolf's Blade- The Paladins 1 published by Liquid Silver Books.  It's a paranormal, shifter, Male/Female, Contemporary, Erotic Romance. 

5. What are you working on now?

I am writing and editing the sequels to my book 'Merry Chris Mas- The Love Play Matchmaking Service 1.  They promise to be as much fun as the first and even more spicy.

6. Where can we find you?

 Almost everywhere!  Here are some spots to narrow your search-  Clare's Blog The Haven – 

The Embraced Scribal Love-

Amazon Author Page-

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