Monday, May 2, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poetry

Meander 1 _ Poem - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

The soul rides in celebration.
Hosannas ring within
Holding back the shadow
That lurk and slink about.
Reach for jubilation.
Cry osanna! Cry in joy.
Cry triumphantly!
The cheering voices flood
The wounded battered soul.
Today is exultation,
Forgetting day, forgotten grief
Hidden beneath a veil.
Come waving palms and tossing them
In carpets on the ground
Cushioning the soul
From trampling heavy feet.
Feel the loud hosannas
Throbbing in your heart Singing songs of love
Expectantly and free.
Forget for just today
The pain that lies ahead
When triumphant Jubilation
Becomes a crown of thorns.

Meander 2 - Grandchildren are a blessing. I do enjoy hearing what the grandchildren are doing. This year there are those finishing their college degrees and one graduating from high school. Amazing how the time has gone. There are grandchildren who are having their First Communion and those who will be dancing in a recital. So I look as each of them reaches a threshold and smile.

Mender 3 - Writing moves slowly and maybe fast. Not sure. Am busy writing a story for a friend that I hope to have finished soon - well a month or two. I'm typing in the last of six in a series and then will have only one right's back book to conquer before I decide what to do about the other ones with another publisher so I can gather them all into one publisher. There are but two that can't be taken from a publisher who neither gives any feed back and that's because they're written with another author. Haven't had a bit of money from them. Not even sure they're selling. Not sure what to do but I'll worry about that at another time.

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