Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday's Writer's Tip _ Writing ABC's - Ideas #MFRWauthor #Writing

I've decdied to start a seriesof posts based on when I've read books and part of books for critiqueand in contests. I'll start from the beginning and give a little bit of a hint of how I do this and the things I've read about each of the stories I've read, the ones where the author has interested me and the ones who have failed to do this. I won't mention names or give bits of stories but this will be the ideas behind the successes and failures.

The first thing is ideas. I've read many stories where the idea that sent the writer to write a story. They read, see or hear something that sets them to explore. What I've found her while reading these stories is some of the ideas are very trite and don't have a twist on what the writer is staying. They're just like a million other stories I've read. Sometimes the writing is brilliant but I still yawn and think of ten other stories where the same idea is used.

Then there are the stories and I've seen the old idea for a story given a new twist. The twist is what makes the story different and brings the reader in me to sit up and notice. Sometimes the writing is brilliant and I'm swept away. Even when the writing is clumsy and difficult the idea shines through and once the writer learns the building blocks of writing fiction they go on to improve each time they write a story.

There are writers who use the same basic idea time and time again writing enough books to make a series. Their readers continue to give readers what they want to hear.

The world is filled with ideas and it's up to the writer to spin a story that is just a bit different from the stories using the same idea people have written before. So take your idea and examine it with care and spin the story as best as you ca. As you continue to write you'll hopefully learn the building blocks to making a story sing and you're on the way to becoming a story teller.

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