Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Finding Your Voice #MFRWauthor #writing

Discovering your own voice is important to a writer. Though your voice may take turns if you write in  a number of subgenres the basic voice remains the same.

Write the kind of story that sets you on fire. For me this is writing what I like to read and not venturing into the genres that I seldom read. If you're enthusiastic about your project this helps develop your voice.

Using personal experience when you first begin tw write. My first books involved nursing a subject I knew a bit about having worked as a nurse for a number of years. Another book my first cozy mystery had some elements of something that had happened to me. This helped create the characters and made the book seem real. I believe this was the first hint of my style. Takeing a memory and turning it into fiction. This still happens.

While revising, listed to your inner voice. For me this never happens when I writing the first draft. That means get the words down and the words don't really matter but the thread does. Later when I'm revising is the time to look at the way I use the language. Sometimes it means ripping up a scene and restructuring that element of the story. I've learned to do this and know what I write isn't carved in stone. So don't be afraid of that voice that says you need to rethink or revise this section,

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