Monday, April 11, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poetry #amwriting

Meander 1 - Poem - Soap Bubbles

Soap Bubbles

Those days were childhood, sunshine times and we
Found no misting phantoms just our breaths
Gently blowing bubbles of the mind. Freely
Letting love fly, no thoughts of making choices,
Soapbubbles floating innocentlysurround
Our heads. Children in our buoancy, Wave
The wand abd watch the beads dancing around.
Turning irridescent ranbows, We gave
Each other laughter bubbling from our souls.
In irised fantasies painted on the breeze
Sometimes two bubbles met, joined to make a whole.
We stretched and reached to learn.
Vanished bubbles. Tear damp skin. Drying slowly
In the sun. Childhood's hiddeb deep in memory.

Meander 2 - Writing Retreat. Ten spent Friday night talking and laughing over dinner at an Italian restaurant. Dinner was excellent. We returned to settle in and prepare for the next day of writing. Saturday 10 plua 2 arrived in the meeting room. Were they buns or croussants? I will enver know. Breakfast was good but the fruit salad held too much melon. Coffee was strong. Took six packets of sugar to tame the taste. Had a meeting and then took time for a meeting. Made a change to the contest for the entries. 10 dollars if you enter early, 15 if late. Sounds like a plan and we'll try it. Then we wrote from about 10 until 12 with a break for lunch and then wrote again until about 2:15. Then critique. Seems I managed what I had intended to try.  Around 5 we sought others. Headed to the bar. Decided to eat there. Not nice person wouldn't set a table for 10 people. Don't know why. So we ate where the place would be a dance floor. Anthony, bar tender extroidenary took our orders. Tried tangerine rum in diet Coke first. Too bitter much better when used in regular Coke. Then went to rum and Coke straight. Manager comped one of the drinks. Stayed until they were getting ready to set up our space as the dance floor. Went to our room and I read.

Meander 2 - Writing - Managed to hit 2000 words yesterday. May be less today but that's all right. I will move forward with this project. and then it will be on to other things.


Paul McDermott said...

Love the Sonnet, perfect vehicle for Love Poetry AND for a nostalgic look back at childhood :) Wish I was there with you - long time since I was at a retreat!

Don't you just hate it when some Jobsworth can't be @@@@d to follow the Golden Rule "The Customer is Always Right". I'm afraid my reaction would have been less diplomatic, on the lines of: "Ten Lost Sales - we'll eat next door and you won't see another group of writers in here for some considerable time"

Janet Lane Walters said...

Thanks for the comments. Actually the manager comped out drinks and as you know writers can drink.