Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Giving #MFRWauthor #aminspired

While reading Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott there is an essay on giving. Her take on it is a bit different from mine. Yes, I agree that while writing you are giving your all to your story and your characters. In a way this is also giving to the readers.

What I think about with giving is giving to outhor writers. By reading what they have written. Also by giving them a helping hand. Giving of your experience and your ways of writing is another way. I've been doing this for years through my critique group, by judging contests that allow feedback and little tips to help new writers gain a path to publication.

What about you? Other than your stories do you give new writers a help by a critique, one that points them in a direction where they may have strayed. Or are you the kind who feels threatened by the new kids coming behind and when asked for critiques gives criticisms. This isn't giving. So when a new writer or one of your writer friends asks for help give it with as much as you give your stories, your characters and your readers,

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