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Friday - Who She Was Before featuring C J Matthew #MFRWauthor

1.       What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I was born in an Air Force base hospital and spent the next 18 years moving all over the US and around the world with my pilot dad, a mom who worked part-time, and my younger sister.
After attending high school and college in southern California, I married and worked and traveled in the medical marketing field while raising a son and daughter.

All the travel, adaptations, and multi-cultural experiences gave me a terrific foundation for a writing career which I began in 2007, several years before I retired.

Readers will also find a military influence in many of my heroes and heroines. 

2 Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

            As an author, I’m delighted to be here on Eclectic Writer since I am one and enjoy combining sub-           genres.

            First and foremost, I’m a romance writer. Remember in Romancing the Stone when Jack Colton    tells Joan Wilder that he has finished reading her book? Joan says, “Then you know how they all          end.”

            My paranormal romance series, Dolphin Shore Shifters, features a Santa Barbara pod of shape   shifting             dolphins and each book has enough danger to also qualify as a suspense story.

            My next series, The Paladin Group, is like Scandal meets the A-Team, but no one is        sleeping with the President. The Paladins are a group of wounded Air Force Pararescuemen,             founded by a female pilot who was rescued. Men and women warriors turned lawyers and investigators committed to continuing rescue work. Deadly Reboot, the Paladin Group book 1 is a       military romantic suspense.

            I also write Contemporary military romance and Fantasy/time travel.

2.       Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

            Absolutely! I love reading most any paranormal romance especially with vampires and shifters.    And I also love most forms of suspense stories as well as military romance. When I decided to           write my own paranormal series, I felt I needed to chose a very different kind of shifter.

3.       What's your latest release?

      Lethal Tide, Dolphin Shore Shifters book 4, was due to release earlier this week, March 30, 2016.             New shifter Betty and returning shifter Conley’s first field ops assignment together takes place          mostly in Long Beach, California. Since I’ve lived there, I was able to incorporate fun places like     the Queen Mary and a southern California beach or two.

4.       What are you working on now?
      Next I’d planned to return to the Paladin Group series. I’ve been excited to write Survival Reboot,             the Paladin Group book 2 which is almost completely outlined and stars a wounded female AF         survival instructor. After that book, I scheduled myself to alternate back and forth      between those   two series for the remainder of this year.

But the same day I sent Lethal Tide to my editor, Grus, one of my dolphin shifter characters,       started bugging me. He played a supporting role in two of my earlier Shore Shifter books—and          admittedly, I put him through rough times. Now he insists he’s earned his own book. Soooo…I’m    currently writing Toxic Tide, Dolphin Shore Shifter book 5, which is Grus and Heather’s story.          As a hero of mine, Grus is in for an even rougher ride, struggling with his personal demons,             facing his worst enemy, and falling for Heather, a kick ass, smart-mouthed, human woman.

5.       Where can we find you?




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