Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Inspired by Bird by Bird #MFRWauthor

The second part of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is titles The Writing Frame of Mind. Intriguing title. Are writers different than other people? Do they have a specific frame of mind? I believe the answer is yes.

What sort of things go into finding that specific writer's look at the world. A good friend once said her mother called her a chronic liar but she was really gathering ideas for writing. Most writers I know have this rick fantasy life. I know from the time I was a child I told myself stories to lull myself to sleep at night. Sleep often was and still is hard to come. So these stories continue to be spun at night. Sometimes during the day. Actually those night time stories often morph into real stories I put on the paper. A healthy imagination will bring the writer's frame of mind into being.

Curiosity is another thing to explore. Do ou overhear people's conversations or actions and suddenly your imagination is making up stories that may or may not be true. So look around and watch people every day. Also sit still and think of things and places you've seen and try to recreate them in your head.

Put yourself into that frame of mind. If people stare at you when sometimes you speak aloud what you believe is a great line of dialogue, just shrug. You're in the zone.

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