Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration -- Anne Lamott - False Starts #MFRWauthor

How often do you think you know how the story is going to go? You start out in a rush and suddenly you hit a wall and can go no further. So you back up and start again.

Over the years of writing my false starts are less than they were when I began writing. But it still happens on occasion. Often it's the opening sentence or paragraph or scene that needs either to be re-written or scrapped completely.

What does a changed sentence really mean, Sometimes a lot. The opening sentence really sets the tone of the story. A funny sentence makes the reader believe the story will be humerous. Not a good ide if you're writing a tragedy. So sometimes re-writing that first sentence again and again really works. The same goes for the opening paragraph. Setting the tone and kind of story is important.

Now what about when the first scene seems to be a false start. There are things to discoverhere. Whose story is this. Often the opening paragraph gives a view of the character who has the most to win or lose during the events about to be unfolded.

My word of advice is do not worry about false starts. Find the right one and the story suddenly flows.

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