Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - What a Writer Needs. #MFRWauthor

Besides the implements needed like paper, computer, pens, pencils there are some other things a writer needs. What about Imagination, Empathy, Style and Patience. Found these in an essay by BJ Chute. These words spoke to me.

Imagination - this is looking at events in new and different ways. We're always told to use our imagination and this is important for every writer. Sometimes I tell people I have a twisted imagination. What about you, do you look at an object and suddenly it transforms into something else. You need to build your imagination. Find different ways to describe the common every day things.

Empathy - this means feeling what someone else is feeling. When one develops characters beside physical descriptions a writer needs to build his character's emotions and feel an empathy for them whether their hero, heroine of villain. Knowing why they're acting in a certain way and taking the feelings into yourself before putting them on paper.

Style - Each writer has a definite way of expressing himself. For a writer this is putting the words on paper and striving to put the words to use in a way that says you.

Patience - Now for me this is a really important need. Patience to let the story unfold without rushing the telling. Patience to keep submitting no matter how many times you've been rejected. Sort of patience to be persistent,

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