Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Fictional Dichotomy #MFRWauthor

 Just what does this mean. There is literary fiction and there is popular fiction. Can they come together. I was reading an essay by Ken Follett. He said some interesting things and says for some reason fiction divided into two camps. Is it possible to blend the two?

I'm not sure there is . What do you think about this? We're told to read the classics and some of us do, but not all these classics were considered more than popular fiction. Stories used to be published as serials and people eagerly waited the next installment. Now books like Oliver Twist, oncy popular fiction are now considered classics.

For me the difference is in the story and the plot rolling together in a seamless tale. I've read some literary fiction that's bored me to death. I've read others that are fascinating. The same goes for what's considered popular fiction. Some are boring and some are great. What makes the difference? The difference lies in the characters facing problems and solving them. The plot and the characters walk hand in hand.

I also know I once thought I wanted to write literary fiction. I found I couldn't though I've used some of those elements as I write. Will the gulf ever be bridged. One can only hope so and maybe you will be the one.

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