Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - More on Series -Tips - Writing the Fiction Series #MFRWauthor

There are many tips in the book Writing The Fiction Series by Karen Wiesner. If you're contemplating writing a series, here are a few tips.

Set Your Own Ground Rules for the series. A very important thing to do. The series are yours and though there may be other series or stories that use some of the same elements, the series is yours. There may be many vampires in stories but your vampires may have traits and be able to do things other vampires may not. Your shape shifters may be different also. So set your rules and abide to them.

Think Big - If you envision a lengthy series make sure there's room for the short story or the novella or for a change in characters. The world you create can be large enough to show off many stories.

Twists - Both characters and stories can have twists that will carry the stories further. Without these twists, the stories could become clone stories and the reader will lose interest in reading more and more.

Up the Ante - As each story in the series continues. Give the Hero, heroine, villain a bigger reason to want to win. This will add to the tension. In my YA series, the first book shows the characters trying to fine a safe place where they can learn. When they are forced to flee again they have more concerns for the second book means they must find a way to rescue friends from evil. Moving to the third story they must find the necessary items so they can defeat the evil ones. The fourth book is the do or die story. They will either win or lose and the villains bring out the big guns.

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