Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My Books - The Doctor's Dilemma #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

When I began to write The Doctor's Dilemma, I had in mind one thing and that was to write a circular story where the opening scene was reflected in the final scene. Then what became a blurb hit me. Take one foot-loos doctor, add a nurse who wants a settled life, add to a small Texas town and give him a set of infant twins he is left by a dying foster sister and you have the Doctor's Dilemma. The story was a fun one to write and I was able to use some of the memories I had of Texas where we lived for a few years ages ago.

The hero needed to have reasons why he never wanted to settle down and I gave him a foot-loose life with the longest he'd ever lived in one place was during his college years and medical school. As a foster child he bounced from family to family and the one person who he had connected with was his foster sister who gave birth to the twins. Moving and moving during his childhood set the pattern for his later life when he chose to be the kind of doctor who worked for an agency that sent him to various towns.

The heroine had the same kind of childhood but she was moved and moved from town to town by her parents who as artists moved nearly every year. She yearns for a settled home. Making friends and losing them troubled her and she wants a settled life.

The story was a fun one to write. The arrival of the twins forces the hero to look at his life and the absence of his housekeeper who will care for the children leaves him asking the nurse to remain until the woman returns. His growing attachment to the babies and to the nurse force him to look at his life. She is also forced to look at what she wants. Is a home a person or a place? Both need to look at their lives.

At one time I was going to write other stories about this town and the characters in the town but no stories came into myhead. Perhaps one day, there will be other stories.

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