Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - Isaac Asimov Quote #MFRWauthor

While reading an old book of essays by authors I came across a short essay by Isaac Asimov. Not he was talking abut being prolific but the words I read could also be to anyone who wants to be a published author. You have to like to write.

Think about this. Now you may have the urge to write and there are many reasons for this but it comes down to the bottom line. If you don't 100% like what you're doing then while you may write stories and may have a sale or two but you won't keep going day after day pushing the keys if you don't like what you're doing.

There are people who write one book and it may be a wonderful book but they never write another book or story. Could it be that they realized they were doing something they didn't like. Could be and I have known people who fit this category. They can be brilliant writers but they haven't reached the goal in their mine, money, fame, whatever they desire so they stop.

So the moral of this bit is no matter why you choose to write You have to like to write. Maybe it's the characters, maybe the plot, even the setting but every part of writing must mean you're doing what you like.

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Juliet Waldron said...

You've been something of a kick in the ass for me, Janet, with all this on writing and what it means. Thanks for posting these thoughts--and Mom and I always grabbed Asimov books as soon as they came out--as well as devouring the library backlog.