Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My Books - Gemstones by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

 Gemstones was written because I enjoy reading Regency era stories. The book was fun to write but in the writing, I learned one thing. Writing them was harder than I could ever imagine. I received some good reviews but I decided I would rather read than write them. The heroine was not raised like the average Regency heroine. She was raised by her father after her mother's death in India. Being curious, she goes about learning to read Sanskrit and reads many writings of India. An ancient sage teaches her and gives her advice. Her father, a gem merchant, dies and the heroine is forced to take her two younger sisters to England into a marriage she doesn't want. She wishes to return to India but her father's partner wants a sapphire he knows her father had procured. He also wants her and she has no desire for him. The most of the story takes place at the estate that was her grandfather's. He has no sons and the earldom goes to a distant relative. A marriage Nicola doesn't want has been arranged. The hero doesn't want the marriage either.

Writing this book, I learned a lot about gems and found this fascinating. I learned a lot about India, the Kuma Sutra and the early Englishmen who went as traders and about the gem trade. I was able to use my experience with Yoga when writing the book and I learned more about Regency England than I will ever use.

Here's the blurb When Nicola Gordon and her younger sisters travel from India to England, she goes to a marriage she doesn’t want.

Drew Barlow has no desire for marriage, but his distant cousin and Nicola’s grandfather, ran the estates into debt. Drew agrees to the marriage for the money and to please the Dowager, Nicola’s grandmother, but he has no trust for women or for love.

When the two meet they clash and come together, igniting a blazing attraction they cannot resist.

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Sarah J. McNeal said...

Isn't it fun doing research on a book? I've learned some fascinating things that way, too. I don't think I would ever attempt to write a Regency...all those titles and etiquette rules to use. I would be lost.
I wish you the best of everything.

Janet Lane Walters said...

Thanks for stopping by. The one and only Regency took longer to write than any book I've ever done