Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday - My Series - A Silken Seduction #MFRWauthor

This is the second of the Seduction Series and was fun to write. Megan's rules come crashing down when she's talked into picking up the magazine group's photographer at the airport. He's had an accident on a shoot and has a broken leg. She feels sorry for him and she also gets into some interesting situations when she agrees to help him until he can reach his sister. Of course, Steven wished his sister will stay away from the phone for a long time. The following is the blurb.

Megan had a set of life rules that she had to constantly remind herself of whenever Steve Morgan was around. From the time he’d come to work at the magazine, she’d wanted him in the worst kind of way. The problem was, she wanted forever and Steve only wanted for a while.

Megan is different from her sister, but lust has a way of turning into love.

Enjoyed writing about this magazine called Good Lookin' that explores clothes and all things beauty and also finding a great hero and bringing my heroine a love.

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