Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Series and Characters #MFRWauthor

An important element of a series is the characters. While there are a number of kind of series characters are needed. The reader must have a character to grasp and to understand. In a series where one character is the star in every story in the series there are some important factors to consider.

Consistency is the most important. This doesn't mean the character doesn't grow and change but this growth and every change in their nature must be consistent with the character as they develop. I'm reading a series that is fourteen stories long. Yes the main character has changed but he has remained consistent. Certain traits haven't changed. This is his consistency. As elements in his life change these consistent factors make at least this reader come back.

Another thing in the series where one character remains the focus through out the story are those who surround the character. The secondary characters need to be there. This is a family surrounding the character. While they may not be related they are family in a sense and their actions must follow the pattern of consistency. They may also grow and change but their attitude toward the main character needs to be the same.

Series that have different characters but are based on a setting or a group of friends or neighbors who each have their own story are a bit different and the elements making them have a consistency are different. That's for another time.


James D said...

Great article!

My Dream Series follows this exactly - one character who's the star in all the books, and her friends and family and coworkers as the supporting cast.

I think/hope I've done a good job of keeping her consistent, while also having her grow in each book...

Janet Lane Walters said...

James, thanks for stopping by. I usually write the other kind of series where the characters from book one may appear in the other ones.