Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday - My Series - Interconnected Characters - A Savory Seduction

 One day, a family of four siblings caught my attention. Not sure what triggered them but I realized I wanted to tell the story of these siblings. The series grew to six by dragging in some of their friends. These are novellas and other than the characters and their friends, there is a magazine connection. Four of them are editors of magazines, the overall publisher being their father.

The first story in the series is A Savory Seduction- The heroine edits a magazine called Good Cookin' and she sets out to feature a restaurant across the river in a Hudson Valley town. The restaurant is called Five Cuisines. To complicate this is an old family feud between her father and his mother. The hero rejects her attempt to keep his mother happy but the heroine doesn't give up. Her first sight of him is when she is staying at a friend's apartment and she watches him exercising on the ground floor outside area of his apartment. The attraction heats up and they connect without knowing the connection.

The characters in these stories may or may not appear in the other stories in the series but the connection is family and the magazines. I had a lot of fun with this series originally thought of as just four stories but the publisher put the first three out as a set in paper and that left one hero alone. So friends were drafted for stories five and six.

A Savory Seduction allowed me to explore a love of food and a love of love.

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